Family Profile

Families Family Profile

KidKeeper uses families for children. With families you get to group parents/guardians, children and contacts together to use throughout the program. 

Family Name

The family name is shown at the top of the of the above image (“Frozen” in this case)

  • Clicking on the family name at the top you can change the name to anything you like, as long as it makes sense to you.
  • When adding a new family it will default to the Last Name.
Left Side Menu
  • The menu on the left side of the screen is how you navigate, clicking on a name will bring up that persons information. 
  • Clicking the plus sign next to parent/guardians, children or contacts will allow you to add a new person associated with this family. 
  • Calendar shows any events that have been associated with the children in this family. 
  • Invoices will show paid and unpaid invoices associated with this family. 
  • Family Settings will allow you to change settings with the family. 

Parent/Guardians & Contacts

Parent/Guardians and contacts are all entered the same way, and their page all looks like the one below. The only that differentiates parent/guardians from contacts is the “Parent or Guardian” checkbox. 

  • If a person is classified as a parent/guardian on the family, and they should only be a contact, uncheck the “Parent or Guardian” checkbox and they will drop down to contacts. 
  • Same thing if a contact should be shown as a parent/guardian. Make sure the “Parent or Guardian” checkbox is checked. 
Adding a person
  • Click the plus sign next to the menu item “Parent/Guardians” or “Contacts”
  • This will bring up a popup that allows you to select an existing person that you have previously entered into your company, or enter a new person.

Existing Person will associate them with this family. Even if the person is assigned to another family, you can add the person to as many families as you need, and also classify them differently for each family. 

See Separate Families

New Person will create an entirely new person for this family. 

  • Entering information for the person automatically saves the data. 

Selecting what the person can do will bring them up at various areas of the program.

  • Parent or Guardian: This shows the person as a parent/guardian for this family. 
  • Emergency Contact: An exclamation point will show up next to this person through out the program anytime they are classified as an emergency contact for this family. 
  • Can Make Payments: Check this will show the person in the payments section of the program. This will need to be checked for anyone who make payments on the invoices associated with the family. 
  • Can Pickup the child: If the person is allowed to pickup the child, click the check box for when they are allowed to
  • The Between Dates checkbox will allow you to add certain dates when the person can pickup. An example of this would be if the parents are working evenings for a week and they approved someone else to pickup the children only for that week. 
Inviting the person

You can invite the person to KidKeeper so they can view anything on this family page. Any parents/guardians or contacts you invite can only see the information with this family. They cannot see the rest of your company information. 

  • To invite someone, they must have an email on file. 
  • Clicking the invite button will send the person an email inviting them to view this family. 
  • The invite is valid for 7 days
  • If the person does not accept the invite in those 7 days, the invite gets deleted and you will need to send another invite. 
  • Once invited, you can cancel the invite if needed
View User Access Information Here
More Menu

To the right of the name there are 3 dots, clicking that will bring up a menu of additional things you can do with this person. 

  • View Payments: This will bring up a payments report page for this person. This report shows all the payments made between the date selected on the page. 
  • Remove: This will remove the person from the family. If the person is associated with another family, they will still be with that family. 
  • If the person has never made a payment, is not associated with another family, or you have not invited them to KidKeeper, they will be permanently deleted. 


Adding a child
  • Click the plus sign next to the menu item “Children”
  • This will bring up a popup that allows you to select an existing child that you have previously entered into your company, or enter a new person.

Existing Child will associate them with this family. Even if the child is assigned to another family, you can add the child to as many families as you need.

See Separate Families

New Child will create an entirely new child for this family. 

  • Entering information for the person automatically saves the data. 
Children More Menu

The three dots to the right of the name will bring up a menu with additional options. 

  • Child Report: Shows a report about this child in a clean printable format
  • Immunization Report: Shows a report with immunizations for this child in a printable format
  • Archive will put this child in an archived state. You will not be able to select them in any drop downs, events, schedules, etc. You can unarchive them if needed
  • If the child is only temporarily not attending the child care, we recommend unchecking the “Active” status rather than archiving the child. This will remove them from reports, and drop downs, but it won’t remove them from the rest of the program. 


The calendar will show any events you have associated with the child (birthdays, etc.) and any events that you have made “Public” when creating the event. 

  • At the moment, this is a view only schedule, you cannot add, edit or delete events here. 
  • You must go to your calendar page to add events, make them public and they will show up here. 
  • This calendar is still being built and will change, at the moment its primarily used for people that you have invited to this family. The people can view the calendar to see any events you have made public. 


The invoices will show all invoices associated with the family. 

  • The view defaults to viewing unpaid invoices, clicking the “View Paid” checkbox will show all paid invoices. 
  • Any parent/guardians or contacts that you have invited to the family cannot create new invoices, delete payments, or delete invoices. They can only make payments, as long as you have the credit card feature setup. 
Delete a family

Families cannot be completely removed, but they can be archived in certain circumstances

  • Children must be associated with at least one family. If there are no other families the children are associated with, you cannot archive the family. If the family is no longer attending your child care, archive each individual child in the family. Once all children in a family are archived, the entire family will be archived.
The children are no longer attending my child care

If the children are not attending your child care at all anymore, for any family. Then click the archive button on each child. Once all children are archived, the families will no longer show up. 

If the children are associated with more than one family (See Separate Families), you canarchive the families that are not longer in use. (see Archive a Family)