Family Search

Children are grouped into families to be able to be able to show parents/guardians, siblings, and any contacts in an easy to view page.  You are also able to create multiple families for a single child, mainly for divorced parents where you need to keep their information separate.  Adding a New Family The family name […]

Families Family Profile

Parent/Guardians & Contacts

Parent/Guardians & Contacts Parent/Guardians and contacts are all entered the same way, and their page all looks like the one below. The only that differentiates parent/guardians from contacts is the “Parent or Guardian” checkbox.  Adding a person Existing Person will associate them with this family. Even if the person is assigned to another family, you can […]


Payment Report

The payment report is great for end of year receipts to anyone that. made payments to you.  This report will show all payments made for the selected person between the dates that are also selected.  The dates default to the current year, but you can change them to represent any time period you need.  The […]